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Suzani - Shop by Pattern - Outdoor Pillows - Outdoor

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  1. Delancey Jubilee Pillows Quick View
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You can let your suzani-loving sensibilities run wild with this picture-perfect collection of suzani patio accessories from Pillow Perfect! Originating in Central Asia, this eclectic and down-to-earth print is marked by its intricate swirls, circles, flowers and medallion-inspired shapes that meld together to create a kaleidoscope of artfully inspired designs.

Pillow Perfect’s suzani outdoor pillows are uniquely designed to pay tribute to the original embroidered suzani textiles from the late 1800s and early 1900s. This means complete with big and vibrant color schemes!

What types of patio designs can benefit from suzani patio pillows? Any and all! This earthy, free-spirited print works well in any down-to-earth, retro or big-color patio design scheme. Whether you’re wanting to add a refreshing feel with brightly colored orange and yellow suzani pillows or want to keep it subdued with no-nonsense neutrals, you’ll surely find a statement-making suzani selection in our overflowing assortment.

Pillow Perfect makes it easy to coordinate your dream suzani-inspired patio with matching suzani patio pillows and cushions. Add pops of color and fun when you pepper in a few suzani print pillows here and there, or create an awe-inspiring design when you use our suzani cushions to bring your whole patio furniture set back to life. All of our pillows and cushions are made in the U.S. with top-quality indoor and outdoor fabric, so you can expect them to perform well season after season, even in the face of regular entertaining and harsh weather.

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