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Novelty Outdoor Cushions - Modern Prints for Novelty Outdoor Cushions

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  1. Outdoor Ash Hill Navy Collection Quick View
    Outdoor Ash Hill Navy Collection AshHillNavyCollection

    Starting at $37.49

  2. Outdoor Baycove Cabana Collection Quick View
    Outdoor Baycove Cabana Collection BaycoveCabanaCollection

    Starting at $44.99

  3. Outdoor Sealife Marine Collection Quick View
    Outdoor Sealife Marine Collection SealifeMarineCollection

    Starting at $44.99

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If you’re looking for fun and frivolity then you can’t go wrong with an exciting novelty pattern.  These patterns are great options if you’re really wanting something that’s outside of the box and isn’t going to be a pattern that everyone else has in their backyard.  Bright and quirky, these patterns can nevertheless be sophisticated and simple to incorporate into any space.

Nature themes are popular when it comes to novelty patterns, so you might consider a pattern that features various birds in a multitude of colors, patterns, and poses, as this will create a lot of action and movement.  Creating movement in a space through the use of cushions is helpful if you’re relying on your seating design to make a visual impact in the space.

If birds in the trees aren’t quite for you then how about fish in the sea?  Consider a pattern that features fish, seashells, and different crustaceans in blue and beige against a white backdrop.  Cool, refreshing, and visually appealing, such a pattern would go well with nautical themed elements as well as a variety of solid color accent pillows.

Quality and durability are important attributes when it comes to outdoor cushions, as you really have to be sure that the fabrics you choose are going to hold up to the conditions they’re exposed to day after day.  Cushions that feature nice finishing details like edge trimming will provide a high-quality look, while fabrics that feature durable fibers like polyester will better withstand stains, moisture, and fading.  If you like the feel of cotton then consider opting for a cotton polyester blend, as such fabrics will be a little softer to the touch, but still durable. 

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