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Ikat Outdoor Cushions - Renew Your Outdoors with Ikat Patio Cushions

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  1. Outdoor Aspidoras Apple Collection Quick View
    Outdoor Aspidoras Apple Collection AspidorasAppleCollection

    Starting at $44.99

  2. Outdoor Aspidoras Coral Collection Quick View
    Outdoor Aspidoras Coral Collection AspidorasCoralCollection

    Starting at $44.99

  3. Outdoor Aspidoras Soleil Collection Quick View
    Outdoor Aspidoras Soleil Collection AspidorasSoleilCollection

    Starting at $48.99

  4. Outdoor Eresha Oasis Collection Quick View
    Outdoor Eresha Oasis Collection EreshaOasisCollection

    Starting at $44.99

  5. Outdoor Aspidoras Cobalt Collection Quick View
    Outdoor Aspidoras Cobalt Collection outdooraspidorascobaltcollection

    Starting at $44.99

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Inspired by traditionally printed ikat fabrics, the ikat patterns featured in our collections are as versatile as they are beautiful.  For those not familiar with ikat, it represents an ancient method of dyeing fabrics that has been in practice all around the world for generations.  Indonesia and other parts of Asia are particularly known for their ikat designs which often feature intricate patterns created by laboriously dyeing and re-dyeing the fabric.  While such traditionally dyed fabrics would be extremely vulnerable for outdoor use, ikat pattern cushions in polyester fabric are durable and just as inspiring as the traditional fabrics they pay homage to.

Color is important in ikat designs so look for those that feature rich colors as well as distinctive floral inspired, almost kaleidoscopic motifs.  Highly detailed patterns can be particularly rewarding because they offer something new to discover every time you look at them.  The intricacy of detailed patterns also adds a sense of richness to a space that can feel both sumptuous and comfortable. 

To enhance the handmade look of ikat fabrics, consider a fabric done predominantly in blues and grays with bright pops of orange, all in a geometric design.  Those that display a distinct Mesoamerican flair can be particularly fun, considering this is another part of the world where ikat dyeing has been popular through the ages. 

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