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Animal Print

Animal Print Outdoor Cushions - Wildlife Inspired Outdoor Cushions

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  1. Outdoor Herd Together Wasabi Collection Quick View
    Outdoor Herd Together Wasabi Collection HerdTogetherWasabiCollection

    Starting at $44.99

  2. Outdoor Lotus Lake Cobalt Collection Quick View
    Outdoor Lotus Lake Cobalt Collection LotusLakeCobaltCollection

    Starting at $44.99

  3. Outdoor Menagerie Cayenne Collection Quick View
    Outdoor Menagerie Cayenne Collection MenagerieCayenneCollection

    Starting at $44.99

  4. Outdoor Menagerie Spectrum Collection Quick View
    Outdoor Menagerie Spectrum Collection MenagerieSpectrumCollection

    Starting at $44.99

  5. Outdoor Sealife Marine Collection Quick View
    Outdoor Sealife Marine Collection SealifeMarineCollection

    Starting at $44.99

  6. Outdoor Bird Watchers Summer Collection Quick View
    Outdoor Bird Watchers Summer Collection outdoorbirdwatcherssummercollection

    Starting at $44.99

  7. Outdoor Retweet Mango Collection Quick View
    Outdoor Retweet Mango Collection outdoorretweetmangocollection

    Starting at $44.99

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7 Items

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What better place to take advantage of stylish animal prints than your outdoor patio set?  While animal prints are certainly a distinct pattern, they can be used in either dramatic or subtle ways.  You can even play with color by featuring hues one would not expect to see with an animal print.

In this way, using such patterns not only allow you a high degree of versatility but makes it easier to incorporate a wide array of other design elements.  Don’t limit yourself to the animal print itself, either – look for cushions and pillows that feature animals on them, either through embroidery, print, or applique.

For example, rather than only featuring the pattern of zebra print across a cushion, look for those that feature various zebras mingled together in their own herd.  This creates a look that is a bit more surprising and playful than a standard zebra print alone.  The multiple zebras will also help create a sense of movement and depth, thus allowing for high impact in a space that may otherwise feel a little lackluster. 

More to the point, if you are looking to use pattern in a bold way then try to be surprising with it.  Looks that feel as if they are outside of the box are likely to feel fresher and more interesting, as they tend to offer a contrast to what has become expected.

If you want to move outside of the box but in a more subtle way, consider using an animal print like leopard print in a soft shade of yellow.  Softer yellows give you the ability to add brightness as well as the sense of physical lightness to a space without looking jarring.  Soft lemon yellows featured in a leopard print will make for a pleasant color surprise while at the same time offering a nice balance thanks to the repetition of pattern.

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