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Green Outdoor Cushions - Shop Green Patio Cushions Online

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  1. Outdoor Baja Lime Green Collection Quick View
    Outdoor Baja Lime Green Collection BajaLimeGreenCollection

    Starting at $37.49

  2. Outdoor Zoe Multicolor Collection Quick View
    Outdoor Zoe Multicolor Collection ZoeMulticolorCollection

    Starting at $37.49

  3. Outdoor Tweed Lime Collection Quick View
    Outdoor Tweed Lime Collection TweedLimeCollection

    Starting at $48.74

  4. Outdoor Tropique/Lyndhurst Green Collection Quick View
    Outdoor Tropique/Lyndhurst Green Collection TropiqueLyndhurstGreenCollection

    Starting at $38.99

  5. Outdoor Roxen Stripe Citrus Collection Quick View
    Outdoor Roxen Stripe Citrus Collection RoxenStripeCitrusCollection

    Starting at $41.99

  6. Outdoor Rave Teal Collection Quick View
    Outdoor Rave Teal Collection RaveTealCollection

    Starting at $52.49

  7. Outdoor Rave Lawn Collection Quick View
    Outdoor Rave Lawn Collection RaveLawnCollection

    Starting at $52.49

  8. Outdoor Primro Orange Collection Quick View
    Outdoor Primro Orange Collection PrimroOrangeCollection

    Starting at $37.49

  9. Outdoor Nabil Kiwi Collection Quick View
    Outdoor Nabil Kiwi Collection NabilKiwiCollection

    Starting at $43.99

  10. Outdoor Hockley Green Collection Quick View
    Outdoor Hockley Green Collection HockleyGreenCollection

    Starting at $37.49

  11. Outdoor Fresco Pear Collection Quick View
    Outdoor Fresco Pear Collection FrescoPearCollection

    Starting at $44.99

  12. Outdoor Forsyth Green Collection Quick View
    Outdoor Forsyth Green Collection ForsythGreenCollection

    Starting at $37.49

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15 items

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The symbolic color of nature, green just seems the perfect color choice for an outdoor living or dining space.  It can be used to particularly winsome effect in situations where green space is limited, such as very urban settings.  If you don’t have a big yard or a garden, then using green in an outdoor space can help soften the feel of surrounding manmade features and provide a more organic look.  Achieving this goal is made even easier if you work with a pattern that features nature motifs.

Many tropical and botanical inspired cushions can make any urban space feel more like a botanical garden in no time.  Patterns that feature large, dramatic foliage offer a horticultural wonder of variegated patterns and diverse shapes that easily invoke the wonder of a tropical jungle.  Paired with vibrant stripes, the resulting arrangement adds visual interest while at the same time creating a layered look that feels more sumptuous.  If you live in a hot climate, using botanical patterns in cool shades of green can prove to be very soothing in the midst of a hot summer. 

If the botanical look isn’t for you then you might enjoy a more geometric pattern.  Consider using cool mint colors in a repeating geometric motif of small blocks that have an almost three dimensional quality.  Such patterns will not only add visual interest but they will also help create a sense of depth.  You could easily mix such a pattern with a solid cushion color, like lime green, to create a collection of colors that feels more sophisticated and put together.  Mixing solid colors with a pattern is a super easy way of adding visual interest without making a space feel too busy.

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