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Brown Patio Cushions - Shop Brown Cushions at Pillow Perfect

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  1. Outdoor Cinnabar Burnt Orange Collection Quick View
    Outdoor Cinnabar Burnt Orange Collection CinnabarBurntOrangeCollection

    Starting at $37.49

  2. Outdoor Tropique/Lyndhurst Green Collection Quick View
    Outdoor Tropique/Lyndhurst Green Collection TropiqueLyndhurstGreenCollection

    Starting at $38.99

  3. Outdoor Seeing Spots Sterling Collection Quick View
    Outdoor Seeing Spots Sterling Collection SeeingSpotsSterlingCollection

    Starting at $44.99

  4. Outdoor Remi Patina Collection Quick View
    Outdoor Remi Patina Collection RemiPatinaCollection

    Starting at $44.99

  5. Outdoor Monserrat/Montifleuri Red Collection Quick View
    Outdoor Monserrat/Montifleuri Red Collection MonserratMontifleuriRedCollection

    Starting at $41.24

  6. Outdoor Forsyth Taupe Collection Quick View
    Outdoor Forsyth Taupe Collection ForsythTaupeCollection

    Starting at $37.49

  7. Outdoor Forsyth Chocolate Collection Quick View
    Outdoor Forsyth Chocolate Collection ForsythChocolateCollection

    Starting at $44.99

  8. Outdoor Coventry Brown Collection Quick View
    Outdoor Coventry Brown Collection CoventryBrownCollection

    Starting at $41.24

  9. Outdoor Cotrell Jungle Collection Quick View
    Outdoor Cotrell Jungle Collection CotrellJungleCollection

    Starting at $44.99

  10. Outdoor Sunbrella Vagabond Paradise Collection Quick View
    Outdoor Sunbrella Vagabond Paradise Collection SunbrellaVagabondParadiseCollection

    Starting at $84.74

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10 Items

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Browns are a rich range of colors to work with and they lend themselves well to the effort of bestowing a sense of warmth and depth.  Brown can be used all throughout the seasons to create the right look for your outdoor patio or pool area.  Embrace the feel of earthy hues by picking patterns that utilize brown and red or opt for a striking yet harmonious use of color through the use of patterns featuring brown and blue.

Whether you have an outdoor space that features a Southwestern, North African, or Middle Eastern theme, a pattern with crimson, deep tangerine, teal, and lovely shades of dark mocha and creamy chai can look both luxurious and inviting.  Considering using such colors in patterns that are reminiscent of plants and other elements of nature, as this can make for a fun and organic look.

To really get any of the patterns in our brown cushion collections to pop, you might pair them with a few choice options featuring a burnt orange.  This rich citrus color would easily compliment the varied hues of brown. Using solid colors for cushions or for throw pillows in the reverse, allow your patterned fabrics to become true statement pieces.  Plus, if you’re working with a lot of pattern it can be useful to include solid fabrics here and there in order to offer places where the eye can rest, thus keeping your design scheme from becoming too busy. 

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