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Lifestyle Design Series

Pillow Perfect's Lifestyle Design Series Reflects Your Personal Style

Our Lifestyle Design Series Reflects Your Personal Style

From animal prints to geometric, from bold solids to festive floral, we have the pillows that reflect your style. Our Lifestyle Design Series features pillows for the most discriminating decorator. Whether you are freshening up a family room, preparing your living room for guests or completing your outdoor patio for the summer, we offer exciting and inviting colors, patterns and textures that will capture your imagination and help you complete the look you are seeking.

With more than 50 colors or patterns to choose from in numerous sizes, Pillow Perfect offers the pillows – and the look – that matches your personality and channels the inner decorator in you. Check out our throw pillows, decorative pillows, outdoor cushions, and rocking chair cushions for a nearly endless variety of mix and match possibilities for every room of your home, whether indoors or outside. The Pillow Perfect Lifestyle Design Series reflects your good taste.

  • More than 50 colors & patterns!
  • Made in the USA
  • Endless variety of mix & match
  • Indoor & Outdoor styles
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  1. Holiday Poinsettia
    Holiday Poinsettia holidaypoinsettia

    Starting at $36.74

    This cream and cranberry shaded collection of Christmas themed pillows will easily and cheerfully bring the season into your rooms. Featuring reindeer, cardinals, bells, and sheet music this lively design brings together all the iconography of the Christmas season in one charming pillow. Piped in a matching stripe a few of these pillows will go a long way to change the look of your decor into something far more festive. Learn More
  2. A House is not a Home without a Dog
    A House is not a Home without a Dog housenotahomedog

    Starting at $18.74

    Our pets are family! What better way to honor them with this adorable collection. Our A House is not a Home throw pillow is natural unbleached fabric decorated with slate gray embroidery that forms the phrase, “A House is not a Home without a Dog.” Coffee brown embroidery creates a paw print in the word “Dog”. This collection is paired with New Damask Terrain square and rectangular pillows with a whirling damask pattern in beige and brown on one side with a solid brown back. These pillows will give your living space an unmatched sophistication and charm. Learn More
  3. Stuart Red & White
    Stuart Red & White stuartredwhite

    Starting at $17.99

    Rich Christmas reds, fir tree green, and shimmering gold metallic threads give your home the feeling of a traditional holiday season with these plush throw pillows. Classic plaid gives your room old world charm. 18-inch throw pillows will add holiday charm and heartwarming style to your Christmas décor. Matching placemats and napkins are available to extend the look to your dining table. Learn More
  4. Frosty Multi
    Frosty Multi frostymulti

    Starting at $42.74

    See your seating areas brought to life with holiday wonder with this plush picture of Frosty the Snowman rendered in softly textured terrycloth-like fabric and accented in luxurious white faux fur along his hat. Sure to charm the children in your family, this cute 16.5-inch design will keep you warm all holiday season, whether it is a white Christmas, or not! Learn More
  5. Advent Christmas Lights Wreath
    Advent Christmas Lights Wreath adventlightswreath

    Starting at $32.24

    Count down to the holidays with this collection! Our 17.5 inch Advent throw pillow features a felt mitten and bows above every date, simply move the mitten across the pillow to count down the days until Christmas. Our Christmas Lights Wreath red-aqua, 11.5 inch throw pillow brightens your with the look of Christmas lights with this clever wreath design. Complete the full look with our Gift Tree holiday throw pillow. Learn More
  6. Country Home Merry Christmas Snowflakes
    Country Home Merry Christmas Snowflakes countryhomesnowflakes

    Starting at $35.24

    Ring in the holidays with these cheerful pillows! Country Home Merry Christmas, 11.5 by 17.5-inch throw pillow a cheerful festive red flag banner against a background of neutral slub beige. Country Home Snowflakes Red/Biscuit 15.5-inch Throw Pillow, these adorable snowflakes bring out the feeling of a down-home country Christmas with their charming bobble texture and button centers. Country Home Stockings has slate gray and cheerful red appliqued stockings against an off-white background. Learn More
  7. Glamour Gold White
    Glamour Gold White glamourgoldwhite

    Starting at $29.24

    Get your rooms ready to ring in the holidays with this shimmering collection. In this collection, you have Glamour Flock Gold-White a rectangular throw pillow which features a combination of bright gold foil and tufted snowy boucle yarn. Glamour Single Tree 17.5 Inch Throw Pillow. This charming Christmas tree shimmers in gold foil against a snowy white background, dotted with golden falling snow, while puffy white fur rests in the boughs of the tree. Glamour Snowflakes Gold-White, 17.5 inch, Enjoy the look of falling snow, without the freezing temperatures, with this gorgeous trio of intricate snowflakes embroidered in snowy white boucle yarn against a background of metallic gold foil. Also pictured are several items from our Glamour Gold/White collection, Glamour Square, Glamor Triangle, Glamour Flock, and Glamour Medallion. Learn More
  8. Gift Car Ornamental Christmas
    Gift Car Ornamental Christmas giftcar

    Starting at $28.49

    Ornamental Christmas Grey, a 16.5-inch pillow, is decorated with classic ornaments and toys in heavy, silky-soft embroidery. Set against a charcoal gray background dotted with snowflakes. Gift Car Grey, 16 inches square, with this cheerful applique of a car loaded down with presents and a tree, executed in extra soft felt. Cool gray and neutral white coordinate with bright Christmas red, and are accented with embroidery in shimmering silver metallic thread. Learn More
  9. Glitzy Joy Dancing Deer
    Glitzy Joy Dancing Deer glitzyjoydancingdeer

    Starting at $31.49

    Dancing Deer Black-Red Rectangular Throw Pillow, this lively crimson deer applique darts across the pillow in festive spirit, trailing swirled antlers against a background of black and gray houndstooth. Accented in silver stitching to add festive glow, and decorated with swirling, curved lines that give him the feeling of movement this charming pillow is perfect for the Christmas season. Glitzy Joy Red Rectangular Throw Pillow, bring in bright holiday spirit with this 11.5 by 17.5-inch rectangular throw pillow crafted in classic red felt, and embroidered with silver metallic thread. Learn More
  10. Winter Wonderland Rudolph Frost
    Winter Wonderland Rudolph Frost WinterWonderlandRudolphFrost

    Starting at $33.74

    Rudolph Frost 16.5-inch Throw Pillow- get into the holiday spirit with this adorable image of two reindeer- one with a glowing nose- enjoying a winter wonderland while snow falls gently on tall pines. Winter Wonderland Frost 16.5-inch Throw Pillow- treat your house to a whimsical Christmas view of a snowman nestled between two winter-bare trees, while snow falls gently around him. This cute design is perfect for a white Christmas- or one you wish was full of snow! Learn More
  11. Ornamental Christmas Grey Red the Reindeer
    Ornamental Christmas Grey Red the Reindeer ornamentalchristmas

    Starting at $20.99

    Add scenic beauty to your rooms with this collection. Red the Reindeer Grey 16.5-inch Throw Pillow- An elegant red deer strides across this winter valley decorated by sparse, snow-clad pine trees decorated with silver and shimmery white embroidered snowcapped branches. Ornamental Christmas Grey-Red 16.5-inch Throw Pillow- decorated with classic ornaments and toys in heavy, silky-soft embroidery. White Christmas Grey Rectangular Throw Pillow- Set against a charcoal gray background, snow gently drifts onto two deer nestled between trees decorated for the holidays. Learn More
  12. Herd Together Nunu Geo
    Herd Together Nunu Geo herdtogethernunugeo

    Starting at $37.49

    Herd Together Wasabi is a herd together wasabi yellow animal print. Burnt yellow sets off the stark black and white of the zebras as they herd together. Nunu Geo Wasabi, like a stunning watercolor, shades of burnt yellow spread across the creamy white slub fabric in intricate geometric shapes. Herringbone Night, classic simplicity is brought to stylish life with this varied herringbone worked in inky black on richly textured fabric. Stark black and white accent the colors in your décor and matching cording adds exquisite style anywhere you use this pair of rectangular throw pillows in your home.

    Learn More
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