Lifestyle Design Series

Pillow Perfect's Lifestyle Design Series Reflects Your Personal Style

Our Lifestyle Design Series Reflects Your Personal Style

From animal prints to geometric, from bold solids to festive floral, we have the pillows that reflect your style. Our Lifestyle Design Series features pillows for the most discriminating decorator. Whether you are freshening up a family room, preparing your living room for guests or completing your outdoor patio for the summer, we offer exciting and inviting colors, patterns and textures that will capture your imagination and help you complete the look you are seeking.

With more than 50 colors or patterns to choose from in numerous sizes, Pillow Perfect offers the pillows – and the look – that matches your personality and channels the inner decorator in you. Check out our throw pillows, decorative pillows, outdoor cushions, and rocking chair cushions for a nearly endless variety of mix and match possibilities for every room of your home, whether indoors or outside. The Pillow Perfect Lifestyle Design Series reflects your good taste.

  • More than 50 colors & patterns!
  • Made in the USA
  • Endless variety of mix & match
  • Indoor & Outdoor styles
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  1. Cotrell Lensing Jungle
    Cotrell Lensing Jungle cotrelllensingjungle

    Starting at $52.49

    Give your yard the bold styling of a Fiesta with this sunny, cheerful print in a multitude of hot summer colors. Bright oranges blend with coffee browns, while berry reds mingle with Caribbean blues against a background of artistically slubbed off-white fabric. Wild jungle print and intricate stripes create a lively feeling, perfect for backyard parties or flower gardens. Paired with heavily textured electric blue or chocolate brown, this fun collection gives your poolside a charming resort feeling. Learn More
  2. Holiday Poinsettia
    Holiday Poinsettia holidaypoinsettia

    Starting at $36.74

    This cream and cranberry shaded collection of Christmas themed pillows will easily and cheerfully bring the season into your rooms. Featuring reindeer, cardinals, bells, and sheet music this lively design brings together all the iconography of the Christmas season in one charming pillow. Piped in a matching stripe a few of these pillows will go a long way to change the look of your decor into something far more festive. Learn More
  3. Crescent Beach Rave Coral
    Crescent Beach Rave Coral crescentbeachravecoral

    Starting at $44.99

    Sunny days and tropical nights await you with this stunning collection perfect for poolside backyards and beach retreats. Hot orange coral makes a statement, bringing this entire collection together with richly colored, deeply textured fabric that will last throughout the seasons. Mimicking Rave Coral’s color, our Crescent Beach Cayenne pattern features delicate overlapping shell designs filled with flowers, vines, and paisley shapes in shades of sky blue and natural taupe. Combine these pillows to create the backyard of your dreams and be ready for summer parties all season long. Learn More
  4. Geometric Silver
    Geometric Silver geometricsilver

    Starting at $40.49

    Foil and burlap come together in what could be this season’s hottest look- bright, shimmery foil melds with neutral and crimson burlap into the perfect combination of shabby chic. Elegant interlocking geometric shapes pair easily with wrought iron styled knot-work in this collection. Use them every day to add a bright shine of silver to your room, or use them to brighten the holiday season where the mirrored effect of the foil will really reflect the holiday lights. Learn More
  5. Happy Holidays Gold & Silver
    Happy Holidays Gold & Silver happyholidaysgoldsilver

    Starting at $29.99

    Celebrate holiday enchantment with our gold and silver-detailed Happy Holidays collection. With a modern motif and regal gold and silver detailing, these throw pillows are seasonally stylish. The charming Nutcrackers and ornament detail will whisk you back to childhood, while the complimentary geometric pattern brings decor to the modern day. Learn More
  6. Harvest Burlap
    Harvest Burlap harvestburlap

    Starting at $22.49

    The feeling of fall will fill your house with this collection of pillows featuring cheerful scarecrows, plush gourds, and sunflowers swirling around pumpkins. Decorated with charming appliques and rich embroidery, the designs are brought to life with three-dimensional leaves and buttons on a background of burlap- the hottest design fabric this year! Paired with our charcoal shaded tweak pillows these really pop against a dark background, but the neutral shade of the burlap will blend with most decors. Learn More
  7. Holiday French Laundry Plaid
    Holiday French Laundry Plaid holidayfrenchlaundryplaid

    Starting at $26.99

    The holidays come but once a year, so why not decorate your home for this magical season? The coordinating plaid and bird-accented throw pillows carry the enchantment of this time of year. Paired together on a chair or scattered around living room decor, this winter-wonderful combination is sure to create a cozy ensemble. Learn More
  8. Jacobean Vermeil
    Jacobean Vermeil jacobeanvermeil

    Starting at $41.24

    Gorgeous metallic tones of gold give this collection its rich feeling, while the parakeets, vines, and sheet music stamps bring a unique sense of whimsy with them. Gold foil highlights these uncommon pillows- you’ll wow anyone that comes over with your artistic tastes. Feminine art and neutral shades make these easy to pair with your decor- but imagine how much they’d glow against dark furniture for an extra special look. Learn More
  9. Java Tree Olive
    Java Tree Olive javatreeolive

    Starting at $37.49

    Foliage and abstract organic shapes in rich olive tones elegantly bloom against dark furniture, subtly bringing a hint of nature to your rooms. Like a dark, woodsy forest these pillows have a feeling of quiet grace to them- you’ll come home and instantly feel calm in their presence, soothed by their serene style. Reversible chair pads change the entire look of your furniture, while the pillows add soft places to rest while you recharge. Learn More
  10. Joyful Ornaments
    Joyful Ornaments joyfulornaments

    Starting at $40.49

    Icy, electric blues and silver thread set off this Christmas collection embroidered on creamy white velvet. Crystal clear jewels bring the designs to life, while the ribbon bows give an extra three-dimensional touch to the designs that really bring them to a whole new level of elegance. Joy to the World is delicately embroidered in shimmery silver thread, and accented with sparkling snowflakes on the companion pillow in the same plush velvet. Learn More
  11. Kantha Flax
    Kantha Flax kanthaflax

    Starting at $24.00

    Turquoise and coral bring the Mediterranean to life in your house with this classic collection. Sandy tweak pairs with a blue shaded ikat pattern detailed in coral red and charcoal gray, while the thickly embroidered knots on the companion pillow bring dimensional texture to play. This playful, ocean shaded combination of shades will soothe you just like a walk along an ocean shore. Learn More
  12. Flicker Jewel
    Flicker Jewel flickerjewel

    Starting at $27.74

    Fall jewel tones really bring these indoor pillows to life in shades of orange, russet, and teal. The warm colored shapes will brighten dark toned furniture while the light toned background of the pillows easily pairs with light furniture, making the colors even more brilliant on the soft fabric. These densely woven half-fruit shapes will pull together many color schemes, lending them great versatility in decorating your rooms from classic to modern style. Learn More
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