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Paisley Throw Pillows- Shop Paisley Decorative Pillows at Pillow Perfect

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  1. Crazy Rosewood Throw Pillow Quick View
    Crazy Rosewood Throw Pillow crazyrosewoodthrowpillow
  2. Rimby Dune Throw Pillow Quick View
    Rimby Dune Throw Pillow rimbydunethrowpillow
  3. Large Paisley 18-inch Embroidered Throw Pillow Quick View
    Large Paisley 18-inch Embroidered Throw Pillow 530437
    Reg Price $37.99 Special Price $28.49 You Save 25%
  4. Hyde Driftwood Chenille Throw Pillow Quick View
    Hyde Driftwood Chenille Throw Pillow hydedriftwoodchenillethrowpillow
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Throw pillows are an excellent way of incorporating style and interest into a space without creating something overwhelming.  They’re also great because of the versatility they offer, as they’re easy to switch out at any point in order to alter the design scheme of a room.

Paisley pillows are an enduring decorating choice because paisley is a pattern that’s truly timeless and capable of being utilized in surprising ways.  While paisley typically works best in traditional décor settings, it can nevertheless be featured with great success in more contemporary décor. 

The most important thing to keep in mind about paisley, though, is that it features a great deal of movement.  The swirling designs of this pattern are excellent for creating high visual appeal in a space that doesn’t feature many other patterns.  If you have neutral walls and florring, using a few colorful paisley throw pillows can immediately enhance the dynamic quality of any living space.

That being said, if you already have a good deal of pattern incorporated into the design scheme of a room, then use paisley sparingly and opt for color choices that are more harmonious.  This means that colors featured in a paisley pattern should not only complement the other colors in the space, but they should also complement what is found in the paisley itself.  For example, if you’re working with warm colors in your space then use a paisley pillow or two that features reds and oranges, but in just a few different hues.  This will ensure that you don’t end up with a pattern that’s too jarring for your space.

If you want to use paisley in a contemporary way, consider opting for patterns that use brighter, more modern colors.  You could even go with a paisley that’s rendered in a more abstract way or that features other graphic elements.

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