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  1. Eight Citron 16.5-inch Throw Pillow Quick View
    Eight Citron 16.5-inch Throw Pillow 598505
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  2. Babar Topaz Throw Pillow Quick View
    Babar Topaz Throw Pillow babartopazthrowpillow
  3. Ananya Yellow Throw Pillow Quick View
    Ananya Yellow Throw Pillow ananyayellowthrowpillow
  4. Bali Butterscotch Throw Pillow Quick View
    Bali Butterscotch Throw Pillow balibutterscotchthrowpillow
  5. Olivia Yellow 16.5-inch Throw Pillow Quick View
    Olivia Yellow 16.5-inch Throw Pillow 605289
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For brightness and cheer you can’t go wrong with yellow.  Sure to add a sense of sunshine and warmth to any space, yellow is a great color to introduce to a room through the use of throw pillows.  No matter your style and design choices throughout your home, yellow can be mingled successfully with a variety of different colors.  Whether you’re working with citrus colors, a tropical or coastal theme, or a bold contemporary design scheme, yellow can make a major impact in a room.

If you’re looking for a throw pillow to add a touch of elegance to a room then you will certainly want to check out patterns that pop.  A yellow floral pattern set against a white background can create a bold statement that’s also sophisticated and striking.  Yellow can also be used in whimsical ways in order to bring a sense of informal fun to your living space.  Consider using patterns that incorporate animal motifs into the design. Such pillows introduce a sense of surprise to a space and let you use colors in unexpected ways.

Working with contrasting colors is an excellent way of bringing drama to your living space.  If this is your goal then you might consider a throw pillow with a large, grey geometric pattern against a warm yellow backdrop.  This bold contrast creates a major impact while the repetitive pattern helps to bring balance.  For something similar but with a little less contrast, look for geometric patterns that use varying shades of yellow.  Burnt yellow, rich honey, and sunflower colors can be combined to create animal prints or can be featured in angular shapes in order to create a more abstract, contemporary design.

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