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If you think that pink can only be used in a child’s bedroom then think again.  No matter the application you have in mind, pink can be used in a way that still feels sophisticated and sensible for an adult space.  Different shades bring out different qualities, with softer hues offering more subtlety and bright ones, like hot pink, offering bright punches of color for a cool, modern look. 

The way you use pink in your home often has a lot to do with pattern and texture, and in this department throw pillows become indispensable tools for achieving the perfect style.  If you want to bring in pink in a more subtle way then consider a throw pillow that incorporates it as part of an overall pattern.  Geometric patterns that use pink are a great way to use the color without it feeling too childish, as geometric motifs always bring a sense of sophistication to a space.

Of course, there’s no reason why you can’t use pink in a bold way in your living space and still come away with a really cool look.  Pinks in rose shades pair extremely well with gold accents, so you might consider using a throw pillow that combines these two elements for a bit of glitz and glamor.  Graphic designs that use pink are an excellent way to use pink in a room and still come away with an edgy, modern look.

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