Get ready to celebrate - 19 quick and easy decor changes for 4th of july

It’s that wonderful time of the year - time to reflect on our love of this amazing country, to get out the barbecue and the backyard games, to run around in swimsuits and plan picnics with neighbors. The Fourth of July is a great time to get together with family and friends for a ton of fun.

As for us, decorating is one of our favorite parts of this high-volume holiday. Decorating in red, white and blue all over the house just feeds our soul.

If you need a little inspiration to get started this year, here are some extra fun and perfectly doable projects you can use to spruce up your home and yard.



july 4th decor graphic 1


With the help of some colorful outdoor pillows, a space can really be transformed. In just a few minutes, your outdoor living space can have a whole fresh look. You and your guests will love how easy it is to get into the party spirit with this quick and easy makeover.

Be sure to change up your outdoor furniture as well, so your guests can sit in the shade on red, white, and blue cushions while they sip a cocktail. Everyone will love the extra effort and the effect it creates around the whole party.


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Decorate your pathway and garden with these simple, inexpensive, but gorgeous garden rockets. Made of toilet paper, white paper towels, and paper, these make great decorative touches to a yard or garden where you host your party. These make a great craft idea for the children to get them involved in the festivities.

diy garden rockets graphic


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Do you love your candles? This really cool twist on a candle holder is the perfect craft for you. At the blog redheadcandecorate, the author has taken a basic idea - bore some holes in a log to hold small candles - and made it seasonal. She realized that a nice, long piece of wood is perfect for a stripe motif and added a flag to her piece after sanding down the edges. It looks amazing! I love the combination of the patriotic colors and the small lights. They work perfectly together.


july 4th decor graphic 4


A lot of homeowners celebrate the season or holiday by putting out their corresponding wreath. It’s a quick and cheap way to celebrate each holiday and this project is no exception. Made from simple clothing pins and a few cut-out stars to finish it off, this project turns the flag on its head and the result is sheer fabulousness. The resulting texture and interest is endless and it comes together very fast. Once your pins are painted just clip them on and hang it up. You are so clever.


july 4th decor graphic 5


For those of you lucky enough to have a porch, use it to your full advantage. You can do some actual staging, just like the pros, for your party. One of your pieces should definitely be this upcycled shutter that is another super easy project.

Just keep an eye out for any second-hand shutters being thrown out and then grab one. (Actually, grab a few. I have recently come across tons of upcycle ideas for old shutters.) With a little paint, what was formerly trash will become an annual decoration that will make you proud of your country and your crafting abilities.


july 4th decor graphic 6


Also from the hoosierhomemade blog are these beautiful faux firecrackers made from carefully stenciled logs. I like these because they can be easily stored in a shed or garage and pulled out again for the next year.

And how cute are they? They are the perfect touch to your pathway or porch and a great project to share with your spouse.



women holding 4th of july sparklers in back yard


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If you have little ones coming over this fourth and you love to draw, you can do a fun photo activity with them by creating a quick, easy background they can lie down on. Kids will be much more likely to agree to take a picture if they get to do something silly like sprawl on the sidewalk, and you will get to have a beautiful memory. Scroll down on the page to see the example and then make a lovely background of your own.


july 4th decor graphic 8


This is a very simple project that even little ones can help with. Ask each person in your family to make one, and you can all get together in the backyard to paint, attach the tails and then find places to hang them. The tails will drift around with the breeze and add to the air of excitement.

These will also last a while if the streamers at the bottom don’t get wet. You could make a new round each year and surround your guests with patriotic cheer.


july 4th decor graphic 9



If you have not used tin cans for any crafts yet, we’re not quite sure what you’re waiting for! So many inspired bloggers, like totalartsoul, have found amazing uses for these items that we are so quick to throw out.

A luminary might sound a little daunting, but this tutorial walks you through it clearly and easily. The author suggests freezing water in your cans to help you punch holes safely and without too much stress. I love the middle can with a little firework on the side. With the light inside, it looks almost magical.


tin can luminary with candle


july 4th decor graphic 10


How gorgeous are these baskets? We absolutely love the idea of taking a basic craft-store basket and incorporating it into the tablescape or even just the snack table for a party. The site recommends specific brands for the different supplies, but really, you will find each of these items at any reliable craft supply.

The sections of the basket are painted as flat stripes and a blue handkerchief liner completes the look. Use these to serve popcorn, turn them over and use them to elevate plates or to let the kids play with them. They are extremely versatile and so darling. You will adore them.


july 4th decor graphic 11


This is another one for the porch and a bit more advanced, so beginning crafters may want some help. You will need some Styrofoam balls, some paint and some time to make these star-covered spheres that resemble something between a well-trimmed bush and a cake pop.

They look great and are an interesting touch to an entrance or a garden to help tie together different elements of your decorating scheme. If you have the talent to do these, go for it!


july 4th decor graphic 12


wooden american flag decoration


Made from painted popsicle sticks, these little flags don’t look like much on their own. However, when you string them together into a full banner, they really shine. This is another craft the kids can easily help with, so just make sure they do a few flags each to help break up the work.

There are little red ribbons added in between flags in the example, which we think is a great touch. String them up behind your snack table or add them to the edges of your table to get a gorgeous look.


july 4th decor graphic 13


This interactive decoration is so different and fun that we just had to include it. Your younger guests will greatly appreciate having something wet and cool to play with, and their parents will be thrilled to know that it’s safe.

Made from plastic drop cloths and painted with a simple flat paint, this fun and little touch becomes a place to lay down, a play space or just a curiosity in the grass. So fun!


july 4th decor graphic 14


Feel like Martha Washington as you put together this gorgeous little bunting for the sides of your porch, table or just the wall. It has a little touch of old-fashioned, Southern charm and looks like it came straight out of a forefather's house. I love the basic shape and classic feel to this piece. It goes anywhere, lasts a long time and looks like you spent a bundle.


patriotic decorating quote about bunting


If you don’t sew, seek out someone who does and trade some delicious cookies for a few of these. They’re worth it.


july 4th decor graphic 15


Those of you scouring the internet for holiday craft ideas have probably had a lot of backyard game ideas pop up. I just fell in love with this patriotic bowling game. The bottles are placed on an old flag design, and the balls are red, white and blue.

Everyone will love it, and it ties right in with the rest of the party. And talk about the photo ops - how cute will it be to see your little ones bowling on the porch or in the backyard? This one is hours of fun after just a little set-up, so, you are welcome.


july 4th decor graphic 16


You may know this game as Cornhole, and if that is, in fact, the case, you may be one of the many people who have fallen madly in love with this classic game. If you have some fans of the bean bag toss on their way to your house and you have access to some heavy-duty tools, this is for you.

The blog walks you through how to build the boards from scratch and make sure they are game regulation so that even the strictest Cornholer will be happy to join in the game. I love how the finished product gives you a star board and a stripe board. You can have a full-on tournament as part of your patriotic picnic.


july 4th decor graphic 17


We are in love with this fun flag, and we love the pictures that blogger laughinglatte posted of her daughters posing in front of it. This flag uses strips of fabric that are not solids but rather printed reds and whites for a little variation that are then tied to a pole so that they swing freely. A solid blue square is decorated with a potato stamp star and added on top of the stripes (again, no sewing), then you just hang it up.

No machine is necessary, but just a little time and little sweetie pies for lots of gorgeous pictures. What more do you need?


july 4th decor graphic 18


Like tin cans, mason jars are extremely versatile and easy to incorporate into any theme. These flag-inspired jars are just a nice extra touch to your tablescape or as a centerpiece and very easy to do the morning before your party.

You will just need jars, paint and a little planning to make these star-spangled plant or treat holders. They are perfect for straws, drinks or flowers.


colorful mason jars hung by twine



july 4th decor graphic 19


tropical leaf pillowOkay, this one is a reward for all your hard work and beautiful decorating. Hey, you deserve it! This basic cocktail becomes a popsicle while you’re out sewing buntings and painting jars.

When you’re ready, just relax and enjoy the blend of watermelon, mint and Cointreau in this frozen and delicious treat. Best of all, they’re red. So, if you decide to serve them to your guests, they still fit in with your whole theme. Well done, you.

What do you do to get ready for the Fourth of July? Do you have something you and your family have created, or have you simply come across a unique idea while online or at a friend’s place? Do you like to use tropical outdoor pillows or add a splash or color with a contrasting accessory, like yellow outdoor pillows, to you décor? Do you have a favorite patriotic DIY craft? Please share in the comments below so we can keep our creative balls rolling and keep crafting.

This really is a special season, and I hope you love it as much as we do. God bless America!