If you’re looking for a bit of change in your living room, but aren't really up for a total makeover or a renovation, you can still change the look in your room by simply changing your throw pillows. They’re affordable, and you can do it anytime, without delay.

For amazing throw pillows, one of the things that you need to look into is the quality of the pillow’s insert. Yes, the pillow you’ve got your eye on might have the fluffiest pillow inserts, but will it still hold after a few months of use? Apartment Therapy offers this useful tip on trying out a pillow for quality.

There's nothing worse than a lumpy, misshapen throw pillow; it sticks out like a sore thumb, especially if the fabric has any sheen (calling attention to the lumps). Fluff the pillow several times in the shop (ignoring dirty looks from salespeople) and look for protruding feathers. (Even high-quality pillows will lose feathers eventually, but this really shouldn't happen right away.) If you're in love with a pillow with a poor-quality insert, you can always buy it anyway (if the price is right) and replace the insides.

Polyester is one of the most common pillow inserts being used. You can determine how comfortable polyester throw pillow inserts can be by checking the thread count – the higher the thread count, the more comfortable the pillow.

No one likes a droopy throw pillow, which can also affect the mood in the room in the same way its design can draw appeal and lead the eyes. When buying throw pillows and pillow inserts, also consider their intended use: are you going to use the pillows for sleep, or are they purely for decoration? You’ll also have to decide how many pillows are too many. For a couch, one to three would suffice, and five for a very large sofa.

If you’re after a functional throw pillow, choosing the perfect shape matters. Square pillows provide the best comfort and support for your back, while rectangular-shaped ones are perfect for the lower back and the neck. Functionality aside, the shape of your throw pillows also help accentuate or balance your furniture; for instance, a round pillow can soften sharp-edged sofas. Designer and decorative pillow stores, such as Pillow Perfect, provide a wide range of pillow inserts and throw pillow designs to choose from that can perfectly complement any room in your home.

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