There’s something wondrous about flowers in the summertime. Whether in a field, your backyard or lining a city street, flowers brighten our days and our spirits with their natural beauty. Their colors amaze as their delicate forms wave to us, beckoning us to pause and smile and remember the goodness of life.

Why not bring the charm of that smile-inducing comfort to your patio? Dazzle your guests and delight your senses with a fabulous combination of outdoor pillows and cushions. Start with bright florals set off by a rich blue background, signature design of the Telfair Peacock 18.5-inch Throw Pillow and Wicker Loveseat Cushion. Your garden will envy the way the floral pattern appears to swirl and pop into life. And every moment these stylish throw pillows and outdoor cushions tantalize your eyes; they’ll also cradle your body, thanks to their superior comfort level.

Add an Annie Westport Reversible 18.5-inch Throw Pillow to introduce warm notes of earth and spectacular flowers – then add a second pillow, reversed to accent the colorful mélange with a cheerful array of bright complimentary stripes. Suddenly, your patio has been transformed into an inviting garden of colors, stripes and flowers.

As an added bonus, you can be confident that these lively pillows and cushions will be around for seasons to come; both the Telfair Peacock and Annie Westport pillows are 100% spun polyester, fade-resistant and durable, designed to withstand even harsh weather elements. And because they’re designed for outdoor/indoor use, you can plan on enjoying them year-round.

So whatever your plans might be for this summer or fall, be sure to surround yourself with the beauty of flowers, the magnificent pillow and cushion bouquet of the Telfair Westport collection.