Home redesigning or redecorating can simply mean repainting, or rearranging furniture and putting in some new important furnishing purchase. A room can also be altered or modified by changing or adding other accessories like curtains, blinds, and a whole range of different shapes and colors of throw pillows.

Using decorative throw pillows in your sofas and chairs can effectively enhance a room’s overall appearance and ambiance. Tammy Cramblett, in her article for Living Space 360, shows how new elements, such as throw pillows can alter a room’s look:


Throw pillows are available in every color imaginable. They can be used to add some color to white furniture and walls. On the other hand, you can get white or light colored throw pillows to break up an abundance of color in a room. These simple little pillows end up being the perfect accent piece for your favorite chair or sofa. You can spice a rocking chair with one or two throw pillows.


Throw pillows can be found in many different shapes like round, square, rectangle and even animal shapes. The shape of the pillow can add dimension to your sofa, a focal point when entering the room and even a touch of whimsy. If you have a plain sold color sofa, add a few throw pillows in your favorite shape or design and then stand back and see how much that sofa "pops"!

Decorating with Throw Pillows

Colors help enhance mood in the interior space, and at the same time, serve to put an accent to objects in relation to each other. Bright colored pillows can easily be spotted from across the room when set against a sofa with demure patterns and colors. Fabric, texture, and pattern of throw pillows, when matched carefully, can improve the visual appearance and general vibe of the room. To further kick up the room’s vibrant ambiance, you may mix and match different sizes of throw pillows to provide better visual interest.

The best feature of having throw pillows around is its comfort or the “smoosh” factor. Soft, downy or comparatively firm pillows soften the look of edges or hard materials, balancing the elements to create a mood of coziness to make lounging so much more inviting.

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(Source: Decorating with Throw Pillows, Living Space 360, March 28, 2013)