The glorious, balmy days of summer are here, a rejuvenating season of relaxation, cool drinks and lively conversations. In preparing your patio for memorable gatherings, transform the ambiance of your outdoor entertaining environment by employing a few simple design ideas.

Umbrellas Offer Elegance and Shade

Adding an umbrella to your patio not only provides comforting shade, but also beautifully expresses your personal style. Include the Ummi Multi 9-foot Patio Market Umbrella in your backyard, and you craft a look of breezy elegance that ushers friends and guests into a joyful atmosphere of swirling shapes and energizing colors. It immediately beckons your guests to a lighthearted celebration.

All Pillow Perfect patio market umbrellas are easy to set up, with sturdy aluminum frames that resist corrosion. The tilt mechanism enables you to adjust for the sun’s movement so you can enjoy cooling shade regardless of the time of day. The colors will maintain their cheerfulness for seasons to come, thanks to the 100% polyester fabric providing UV protection that resists fading. With 10 styles to choose from, we have the one that’s right for you. Patio market umbrellas are a must-have to make your outdoor living room inviting, comfortable and personable.

Cushions Provide Comfort

Sink into plush outdoor cushions that coordinate perfectly with our patio market umbrellas. They are a wonderful way to promote relaxation while exhibiting vibrant style. The Ummi Multi Chaise Lounge Cushion matches the Ummi umbrella perfectly, reprising its bold array of colors and delightful abstract designs down to the tips of the cushion ties. Like all of our outdoor cushions and outdoor pillows, it’s made with 100% polyester to resist the damaging effects of weather and 100% polyester fiberfill for comfort.

Accessories Complete Your Look

Don’t think that everything has to match. To the contrary, mixing solids, geometrics and florals imparts an eclectic and sophisticated style. As shown in this photo, we paired cheerful fresco yellow throw pillows and turquoise rectangular throw pillows to accentuate colors in the Ummi Veranda patio market umbrella and chaise lounge cushion.

Add other accessories like potted plants, flowers and table sculptures to complete your look. Multi-colored wind chimes add sparkle and interest along with soothing sounds that ride in harmony with the breeze. Outdoor rugs help section your living area into eat-play areas and add color and personality. These items are an easy and fun way to tie together your room in a way that celebrates the season while reflecting your unique style and personality.

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