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  1. 4 Biggest Pillow Trends to Look for in 2019

    Every year has a flavor to it. The year 2018 had its own, and so will 2019.  As you enter the new year, you want to change how your home looks. The easiest way to bring about an impactful visual change without going for a full-blown interior décor overhaul is by changing the pillows. And, you can get the hottest...
  2. This Christmas, Bring Back the Classics and the Nostalgia

      Times change and so does the world around us. However, Christmas is one holiday that warms up everyone. It brings back the child in us. The reds, the whites, the tree, the reindeers, the snowflakes, the baubles, the gifts, and of course, the much-loved Santa, bring back a rush of memories. If you are up for a nostalgic, classic Christmas this year, then here are a few design ideas to incorporate into your home décor. READ MORE

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  3. 13 Days of Christmas Giveaways

    Your comfy and stress-free Christmas just got merrier. You now have one last chance to win a FREE Designer Throw Pillow of YOUR CHOICE. Make it count!
  4. Christmas Décor Does Not Mean Bright and Boring: Think out of the Box!


    Christmas Home Decor Ideas from the Pillow Perfect Design Team

    Christmas is almost on our doorstep. The season of decorations has come knocking. However, it is very easy to get bored with the overwhelming amount of red and white in everything around you. While you want to revel in the holiday spirit, you do not want to drown your home décor in it. So, what do you do? You think out of the box and bring in designs that evoke the holiday spirit, but not overwhelm you. Let’s give you some ideas on how to do just that.   READ MORE Continue reading
  5. 10 Awesome Tips For Halloween Décor

    Halloween Decor  

    It’s that time of the year again when the weirdness quotient hits the roof. In short, weird is in the air, and weird can be stylish. This makes Halloween a great time to experiment with your home décor, and breathe fresh life to all your bold, maybe even crazy, Halloween decor ideas.

    Best case scenario? You’ll have a newly decorated home Worst case scenario? You’ll have an excellent venue for a Halloween party We are here to help you create a stunning Halloween theme for your home. Here are 10 brilliant tips to make that happen. Continue reading
  6. 2018 Puppies & Pillows Photo Contest


    Nothing makes people smile more than a cute puppy– except, perhaps, yours.

      puppies and pillows From Labradors to dachshunds, from German Shepherds to poodles, puppies of all ages are one of a kind and special. Continue reading
  7. Get Ready for Spring Entertaining

      With spring in full bloom, now is the time to create an outdoor entertaining environment that is sure to be the life of your gatherings. From small family get-togethers to barbecues, your patio is not only an extension of your home but also a reflection of your own unique style. Continue reading
  8. How To Decorate For Small Spaces

    If you live in a city, then your definition of small is probably different than most people. You know your lucky if your queen size bed fits. Still, not all small apartments are created equal. There are a few simple design tricks to use your space more efficiently and make your apartment feel larger.Start by looking at your surface spaces, including walls. Most people mistakenly believe their things must fit on the floor. Many companies have come up with attractive and innovative products that allow you to hang and store items on your walls. Instead of dismaying over small closets, add hooks to place your jackets, scarves, and towels. When wondering where your bookshelf will fit, hang some shelves on your couch. This allows you to use the same footprint of the apartment for multiple uses. And don’t forget about wall art and mirrors. A mirror will make your apartment appear to be larger, and some carefully selected wall art can make your small apartment seem much more interesting.   Continue reading
  9. A History Of Ikat Prints

    One of the most popular current trends in design ranging from interiors to fashion is Ikat print. You have probably seen this pattern around but may not have known what it was called. Ikat is a term that refers to both the dyeing technique and finished woven textile. Ikat is an Indonesian word that means to bind or to tie. The dyeing process is like that of tie-dye where certain parts of the thread are made to be dye resistant so that dying creates a kind of pattern. The pattern is created when threads are strung and woven on a loom. Although historians are still not certain of the origins of Ikat, it is believed the technique was developed in Central and South America. Continue reading
  10. Pantone Color Of The Year 2018: Ultra Violet Purple

    Purple is one of those colors that’s a true joy to work with because it always has its own sense of drama, especially if you’re working with a deep purple. Some people can find it a hard color to work with on a large scale and therefore end up avoiding it altogether. This really is a shame because when used in an accent piece it can really do wonders for your overall design look. It’s also one of those colors that really does lend itself well to any kind of style, whether traditional or modern, elegant or whimsical. Continue reading

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